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The fox fur business

Most people don't realize how bad the fur trading business has become.  Most of the conditions fur-bearing animals face in fur farms is not just inhumane, but downright evil.  Disregard for life does not begin to describe the conditions these animals are faced with.

Often, these animals live in a small wire cage their entire lives, malnourished and driven insane by their living conditions, until they are finally beaten and skinned alive for what the industry is now calling "fun fur". 

Graphic coverage of the fox fur trade in China

How can you help?  It's simple - don't buy fur products and don't support companies that carry fur products.  We're not here to collect any money, we're simply asking you not to spend yours on fur.

A baby fox caged in a Chinese fur farm.  Most of these animals will spend their entire lives living in a tiny wire box they can barely fit in.

Are you a fur-free retailer?

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More fur-farm video, including some interesting facts about how many animals it takes to make a single fur coat.

Here's a video about how foxes and other fur-bearing animals are treated in North America (generally regarded as the best conditions worldwide).

Fur-trimmed items (hats, coats, etc) are a 500 million dollar a year industry.  Don't assume the fur isn't real just because it isn't called "fur".  Make sure the fur is attached to fabric instead of skin, if you like the fur look. has a good selection of faux furs, much of it made in New York.

"Inside the fur industry: Factory Farms"
More information about the industry and what you can do to help.  Also's "Fur is Dead!" video.

HSUS report on a fur farm in China
85% of the word's fur comes from these horrible fur farms.  The humane society goes to china to see how bad it really is.

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